Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simple tips for going green when you travel

Discovery Student Adventures is committed to preserving resources on our trips. With this in mind, we’d like to provide you with some tips to protect the environment and cultures of the places you visit—whether you’re traveling with us, or on your own. Read on for responsible tips to become a sustainable (green) traveler.

Get involved in the local culture and its traditions. Learn and respect the region’s way of life to protect the areas you visit.
Save water during your trip: Tell hotel staff you don’t need linens changed every day, take short showers, don’t leave water running while brushing your teeth.
Save energy: Turn off all lights and appliances, turn down heat or air conditioning when not in your room.
Use environmentally friendly products to generate less waste. For example, try not to use plastic bags; try instead to use reusable bags. Avoid using environmentally hazardous products. Choose recyclable products.
Avoid feeding wild animals. Food processed for human consumption contains ingredients that may cause health problems and make them dependent on food.

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  1. Green travel simply means being a responsible, respectful traveler who continually makes decisions and contributions that enhance the destinations and cultures visited.

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