Monday, March 26, 2012

New shark species discovered near Galapagos Islands

Scientists have announced the discovery of a new species of spotted, bottom-dwelling shark near the Galapagos Islands, where astonished researchers saw it from a submersible. The newly named species, Bythaelurus giddingsi, is a kind of catshark. Such animals had never been seen near the famed Eastern Pacific archipelago until researchers descended some 1,600 feet to the ocean floor. The species is found only near the Galapagos Islands, famed for their unique species both on land and in the sea, attributed to their extreme geographical isolation.

Do you think the Galapagos Islands hold other species that have not yet been discovered?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

And they’re off! 2012 travel season begins

Our first group of travelers is for bound for London and Paris March 10 where they’ll experience Europe with a new perspective—through the eyes of Discovery. While across the pond, our travelers will be immersed in the culture as they explore European art, history, architecture, and cuisine in a uniquely engaging way. Follow all our 2012 trips on our adventure blog.

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