Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got the travel bug? Consider these cool getaways

Sometimes, when the travel bug strikes, the only cure is to pack your bags and go. But where to? Here is a list of favorite spots from across the globe. This list includes the most popular places, but we know we can’t include everything, so don't worry if your favorite spot didn't make the cut. Whatever destination you choose, just do this: Dream … and go!

Year after year, the magnetic city of lights draws new travelers to its Eiffel Tower, the Louver, and Notre Dame. So rich in culture. So many unforgettable memories to be made.

Barcelona is one of those unique places that has most everything, from an engaging culture of siestas, Spanish guitar and tapas to an outrageous landscapes.

Bursting with a multiplicity of things to do—touring the Tower of London circling ‘round London Eye, to the Queen outside Buckingham Palace, or enjoying fish'n'chip. Something for everybody.

Washington, D.C.
The country's capital is filled with a huge number of postcard-worthy monuments and buildings. The White House and the Lincoln Memorial are here, and so much more.

What are your summer travel plans?

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