Sunday, July 7, 2013

Solar plane completes cross-country ends American odyssey

The Swiss-built Solar Impulse airplane ended its two-month-long, solar-powered trip across America with a nail-biter of a flight from Washington to New York. "Maybe if I didn't have 10 cameras pointed at me, I would cry," Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard, one of the pilots for the coast-to-coast journey, said just before landing at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport. The extra drama came from the discovery in the trip's final hours that the ultra-light airplane had suffered an 8-foot-long tear in the fabric on the lower side of the left wing. Read more:
How long do you think until commercial airliners can fly on solar power?


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  2. This is for the first time in history, we have an solar plane that is flying with no fuel, day and night, showing the incredible potential of the clean technologies - all these technologies that the world can also use in order to reduce the dependency to fossil fuel.


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