Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Study tips to start your school year off on the right foot

Whether you're eagerly jumping into the school year with both feet, or just wondering where your summer went, good study habits can make all the difference. From writing an English paper to reviewing algebra problems, there are a few key elements every successful student needs to include in a study plan.

Make-a-difference study tips:

1. Develop a time management plan. It is not the amount of time you spend studying that matters. It's what you accomplish during that time. Spending 40 hours to prepare for and exam and only earning a C clearly was a waste of your time. Develop a study plan and learn how to manage your time effectively to maximize results.

2. Be self-motivated. If your are not motivated or have a poor attitude, our study session will not be as productive. Pick a time of day where you can get motivated to prepare for tests, write essays, or solve problems.

3. Focus, focus,focus. The ability to concentrate is one of the more important study skills you need to develop. Learn how to overcome distractions so you can focus all your attention on your studies.

4.When in doubt, ask. If you aren't sure about a particular topic, don't be shy. Ask your instructor, family, or friend for help. It is important to address the problem area as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up having to spend even more time studying to catch up.

What study tip works best for you?

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