Friday, July 29, 2011

Bizarre sea life lurking in our oceans

They're weird in good ways, and they're weird in bad ways. But most importantly, they're just WEIRD. And frankly, it would be totally selfish not sharing them. So put on your snorkel, goggles, and flippers, and hit the water with us to check out the absolute weirdest (but coolest!) sea creatures.

Blobfish. This fish is the weirdest looking sea creature ever. What's worse is that this animal is just as lazy as it looks and sounds; it barely expends any energy even eating, making sure it gobbles up whatever just happens to be floating by at the moment.

Axoloti. Axolotls are like the cute anime pet you never had but always wanted, because you saw it on a deck of Pokémon cards. Tack onto that the ability to completely regenerate any dangling limb, and you've got yourself a real live Tamigachi!

Frilled shark. The frilled shark is not your typical shark, judging by looks alone. It closely resembles an eel—so much so that it's mistaken for an eel quite often, and the only real distinguishing features are its signature six gill slits.

Anglefish. We'll say it, and we'll say it without fear: anglefishes are ugly. There, we said it. They are disgusting bottom-dwellers, and if that isn't the lowest of the low, they also have a spine that doubles as bait for prey.

Leafy sea dragon. The Leafy Sea Dragon is one of the few sea creatures with its own built-in camouflage. The tiny fins that are used to propel our leafy friend forward are impossible to see, giving the illusion that you are merely watching seaweed lazily float by.

What’s the strangest sea creature you’ve ever encountered?

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