Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week!

Want to know the secret behind a great student? That’s easy, a great teacher! As we recognize National Teacher Day today, it’s the perfect time to salute the teachers who made a difference in our lives. Think about it. Besides our parents, teachers were among the most influential people in our lives growing up. One thing is for certain: Discovery Student Adventures would be lost without our forward-thinking, creative teachers who dream of opening the eyes of their students to the world. A big tip of the hat to all of our teachers!

Did one of your favorite teachers take you on an eye-opening field trip? If so, where did you go?


  1. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Gilbert, took us to the Washington Park Zoo (now the Oregon Zoo.) Being the true Oregonians that we were, we trekked all day through the rain looking at animals from all the different parts of the world. I got to see my favorite zoo animal, Packy the elephant- the first elephant born in captivity the Western Hemisphere is nearly 45 years! Unfortunately, the rainy weather did not allow us to eat lunch outside on the lawn, but rather I had to eat my sack lunch in the elephant barn with Packy! Boy, did it STINK in there!!!

  2. We went to Mexico City, Taxco and Acapulco Junior Year of High School with our teacher Mrs. Yarber for 2 weeks. Getting integrated with the language and culture of Mexico opened my eyes to the world around that was outside my little town of Milton-Freewater, OR. Amazing friendships were built as we joined up with 3 other schools in our area. The experience made the world seem accessible and fueled my love of travel and adventure. I have spent a lot of time traveling the world thanks to a teacher who took the time to introduce it to her class.

  3. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Shotz, took the class to Alpenrose Dairy in the Portland, Ore., area. I wasn't too interested in all the cows ... until they let me milk one! That is an experience I'll never forget. All the kids got a huge kick out of it. Not literally, of course. Milking cows don't move much, let alone hoist a hoof!

  4. Best Field Trip...hmmm. I'd be tempted to put roller skating in 4th grade but,that some how doesn't seem super academic! We had lots of those "fun" reward trips but the most "eye" opening was my experience in 6th grade, when I attended 6th grade camp for a week. We learned all about the outdoors, and the enviornment. I was able to make friends with students who I had attended school with for the past 5 years but didn't really "know." I saw my teachers in a whole new light; they were fun, and friendly, and truly wanted to learn right along side of us. It was the BEST week of school I ever had, and one I wish I could have had again in high school. Something about being with students and teachers away from school that made it so memoriable. It wasn't just about what we learned, it was about the experience.


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