Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Passports 102

Make copies of your passport both for travel and to leave at home where someone can find it easily on your behalf. These copies are crucial in replacing your passport in the event it is lost or stolen during overseas travel.

While counting down the days to your departure, save yourself grief by putting your passport away somewhere safe where you can easily find it on the exciting day you are ready to head to the airport! Not to make light of others’ stressful situations, but here are some of the more interesting passport disasters we have heard:

  • “My dog ate my passport.” Oddly enough, older passports (those soft cover passports) are irresistible to our canine friends. One student searched in vain for their passport, only to discover it in the doghouse, slightly worse for wear. A teacher’s Labrador opened her backpack, where her group’s passports were awaiting their China visas, and snacked on the passports when she wasn’t looking. So wherever you keep your passport, make sure you don’t disclose its location to Fido!

  • “My car ate my passport.” Who knew someone could top the old “My dog ate…” line? One family put their passports on the dash of their car and with a quick braking, found their travel plans halted as the passports fell down between the dashboard and the car frame. Luckily their mechanic was a close friend who could rush to assist in dismantling and retrieving so that they could still make their flight!

  • “My little sister/brother/son/daughter/grandchild decorated my passport.” While your little dear may have created something worthy of hanging on the family fridge, your passport isn’t worthy for passing through immigration once non-official marks are made inside.

Don’t leave your passport out within anyone’s temptation!

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